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Product Description

Excite customers with an enticing unboxing through top closure boxes

Nowadays, people are more careful about their shopping sprees. They don’t put anything in their shopping cart without analysing its quality. What helps the shoppers to identify the quality and standard of products is packaging boxes. You can win the trust of customers and positively influence their buying decisions easily by using engaging packaging like OXO Packaging’s top closure boxes.

These boxes are second to none in appearance while possessing the ability to protect inside-placed products. The secure top closing mechanism of the top closure box keeps the fragile products safe from falling out. Meanwhile, boxes with top closures also provide customers with an amazing and unforgettable unboxing experience that makes them fall in love with your branded products. The splendid combo of astonishing unboxing, spell-binding presentation, and effective protection make top closure boxes a foremost choice of retailers and wholesale product sellers to pack their products.

OXO Packaging Offers a Wide Range of Top Closure Boxes

We are one of the most trusted packaging suppliers out there. We keep our customers’ needs on top all the way from ideation to the creation of boxes. Our packaging experts take every step forward to make your experience with us a hassle-free one. With the widest range of sizes, shapes, and styles for top closure boxes, you can customise your boxes as per your needs. 

If you want to present one product or need to display dozens of items together, we can create custom top closure boxes for you in any size you require. From small to large box sizes, we have got you covered. Our experienced packaging designers provide you assistance in creating your own custom boxes with top closures. We also offer a range of styles having top closures like:

  • Four corners with display lid 
  • Double wall tuck top 
  • Seal end with perforated top 
  • Self-lock cake boxes 
  • Four corner display lid 

Customise your top closure boxes in any way you want 

OXO Packaging provides you with the largest range of customisation choices. Choose your preferred options to personalise your top closure boxes that fit your brand and products. Whether you want to pack oil bottles or need to display retail items, we help you customise your boxes with:

  • A lot of finishing choices

Top closure boxes are enticing on their own. However, you can make these boxes more appealing by choosing any finishing choice you want. Choose gloss for a stylish touch or go for matte to induce luxury appeal. The choice is all yours. 

  • Add-on options 

You can give your top closure boxes more utility and functionality. We offer a range of add-on choices like hang tabs, windows, foam inserts, custom inserts, and embellishments to personalise your top closure packaging boxes. 

  • Printing options 

We help you print anything you want on your top closure boxes. Tell our packaging specialists to print your logo and tagline on your boxes. This will help you spread your brand name among the masses. Our printing choices include offset printing, digital printing, screen printing, and many more. 

Why do businesses choose OXO Packaging?

We are one of the foremost choices of businesses to order their custom boxes. Whether you are a start-up or a multinational brand, we can cater to your needs whatever they are. No matter if you need a hundred boxes or one thousand, we have got you covered. 

We offer many free perks to make your packaging ordering journey more joyful. Enjoy free shipping, and the fastest turn around by ordering your top closure boxes from us. We never charge die plate charges, shipping charges, or set up fees to keep your order price as low as possible. So what are you waiting for? Order your boxes now. 

Frequently Asked Questions
What type of top closure boxes do you offer?

We offer a wide range of top closure boxes starting from double wall tuck top, tuck top auto bottom, to straight tuck flap boxes. You can also order your boxes in any shape, style, and size as per your requirements. 


What type of materials do you use?

We use only the highest quality eco-friendly and recyclable materials for manufacturing your top closure boxes. You can choose from cardboard, Kraft, and rigid as per your needs. 


How can I verify my box design before making a final decision?

You can request 3D samples to verify your box design if it matches your envisioned idea. You can also make any changes if you require.


How long will it take to deliver my order?

Our shipping takes between 10 to 14 business working days. If you want quick delivery then feel free to choose our expedited delivery option. We will notify you once your order has been shipped.


Can I order top closure boxes in wholesale quantities?

Yes, you can order in bulk. We accept bulk and wholesale orders while providing volume discounts. We have set no minimum or maximum order quantity for customers.