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Product Description

What Are Patterns and Figures Boxes?

Patterns and figures in packaging refer to boxes that can be easily customised. They are used to make the packaging more visually interesting and appealing to customers. Fashion, confectionary, and retail are some of the industries that rely heavily on figure & pattern boxes. 

Types of Patterns and Figures Boxes

There are many types of pattern and figure boxes used in packaging.

  • Bowl Sleeve Boxes 
  • Gable Bag 
  • Double Locked Wall Lid Boxes
  • Double Wall Tray Boxes 
  • Side Lock Six Corner Boxes

Patterns and figures boxes provide visual information that influences a customer's perception and purchase decision regarding a product. Thoughtfully designed, they can turn packaging into an influential branding asset and key point of differentiation on store shelves.

The variety of options offers brands the flexibility to choose patterns and figures that align perfectly with their image and target audience.

Applications of Patterns and Figures Boxes

As a leading packaging solution provider, OXO Packaging offers innovative figure and pattern boxes that are suitable for a wide range of products. We provide customised packaging solutions to help brands stand out on shelves and engage consumers.

  • Product Differentiation

Unique shapes, textures, and cutouts incorporated into packaging designs set products apart, making them more eye-catching and memorable to consumers. For example, our double-locked wall lid boxes are an elegant choice for cosmetics brands.

  • Brand Consistency

Repeating visual elements like logos, colours, and stylistic patterns establish brand identity and recognition across product lines. For instance, a geometric deco pattern used on figure and pattern boxes creates a cohesive unboxing experience for customers.

  • Enhanced User Experience

Playful yet functional packaging stimulates enjoyable unboxing and product interaction. Our expandable boxes unfold like flowers, revealing layers of products and information.

  • Eco-Friendly Material Options

OXO Packaging offers sustainable materials suitable for figures and patterns, including recycled kraft paper, corrugated material, and cardboard. We avoid excess lamination and use water-based, food-grade inks to minimise environmental impact. Customers can choose compostable or recyclable options based on their brand values and product needs.

Why 1000’s of Brands Choose OXO Packaging?

We offer custom packaging that fits our customers' needs. Here is why every brand picks us for their packaging needs:

Collaborative Approach:

We team up with our clients to understand what they want. So, just tell us your figure and pattern box design idea and we will make it exactly like you want! 

Fast Delivery:

We understand that time is valuable in today's business world. So, we aim to deliver your custom-made figure and pattern packaging boxes in 10-12 business days. 

Exceptional Customer Service:

Our helpful customer representatives are ready to solve your packaging-related queries anytime. If you have questions, they will assist you with the best packaging advice. 

Place Your Orders Today! 

So, why wait? Order figure and pattern boxes today at affordable prices. Reach us by phone at 0800-208-8043 or by email at [email protected] to place your order.

Frequently Asked Questions
What types of shapes and sizes do you offer?

We offer a wide range of standard and custom shapes and sizes for figure and pattern packaging, including 

  • Circle or square cardboard boxes
  • Octogonal, hexagonal or pentagonal boxes
  • Irregular shapes to match the brand logo
  • Expandable boxes 
  • Boxes with windows, or other custom details.
What kind of printing options do you have for the patterns?

We utilize state-of-the-art printing technology to apply custom patterns to our packaging, such as

  • High-resolution graphics
  • Scanned images
  • Custom repeating patterns 
  • Foil stamping, embossing, or spot UV varnishing for an elegant look. 
How durable and eco-friendly are your patterned boxes?

Our figure and pattern packaging solutions are designed to be both durable and sustainable. We use high-quality, recycled materials and sturdy corrugated cardboard that can withstand shipping and display. The inks and varnishes used in the printing process are water-based and environmentally friendly. Many of our box styles are also recyclable, or biodegradable.