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Display Packaging
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Product Description

Bring Your Products Into The SpotlightWith Our Display Packaging 

It is vital to create outstanding display packaging for all kinds of products in today’s time. These packages serve the purpose of fulfilling attractive looks that compare to none. Considering the competitive market today, OXO Packaging UK is your only helping hand. We bring about tons of display box designs and themes for our customers by having a thorough look at your requirements and products. 

From providing options for adding your own taglines to incorporating your brand logo in your display boxes, we have much more to offer. Our team ensures the creation of high-quality custom display packaging that presents your products more prominently on retail shelves.

With our display packaging, your product will stand out amongst the numerous products kept side by side. Our design team is available at all times to assist you in your order process so that you can get started right away. 

Empower Your Brand Growth With Our Counter Display Boxes

Wondering how you can create a lavish presentation of your products to set them apart from your competitors? No need to worry because OXO Packaging UK has what it takes to give your products a presentation boost. Whether you are a start-up business or selling a brand-new product, we have the right solutions for you. Our display packaging boxes are designed to cater to your product presentation needs with our delighted printing services. 

These boxes focus on the product presentation as well as boost your brand identity. We are the most accomplished provider of display packaging boxes UK. Our boxes add maximum value to your products by adding charisma and sophistication to their overall appearance. Moreover, ordering from us is easy. We are available 24\7 to assist you wherever you need help or advice. We further discuss your requirements and specifications to ensure we are heading towards the right way. 

Give Your Products A Catchy Appearance With Our Retail Display Boxes

No matter what kind of business you own, it is a norm to have competitors being steadfastly behind you. We ensure that we give your products like lipsticks, eyeliners, and lipliners a glamorous appearance that makes customers fall in love with them at first glance.

Our team unites relative and creative themes for your display packaging to create an appealing sight to customers even from afar. You will be at ease working with us as we compile the latest presentation designs and layouts for you.

Plenty Of Personalisation Options Are Available Here

Our display packaging is manufactured in a unique way that engages customers and looks appealing to the eyes. Our cardboard display boxes with clear lids not only propel your business growth forward but also trigger more sales opportunities for your products.

First impressions of your product hold immense importance, and our boxes are here to deliver just that. We offer a wide range of customisation options for your display packaging. 

Our strategy is easy and simple. You provide us with your vision, and we put them into action. You can choose your desired shape, style, theme, colours, add-ons, and much more. 

  • Durable Materials

Are you tired of searching for durable materials for your display packaging? You are in for a treat as OXO Packaging UK uses reliable materials to manufacture your boxes. We offer materials like cardboard, Kraft, rigid and corrugated cardboard as well.

We make it possible for you to have excellent packaging material with catchy designs to efficiently present and protect your products at the same time. These boxes can keep your fragile products safe without worries. 

  • Unique Styles 

OXO Packaging UK presents professional and aesthetic styles and shapes for display packaging. Whether you are looking for display packaging for food, gifts, or any other product, we have it all. Our box styles include:

  • Display packaging with window 
  • POS display Boxes 
  • Counter Display boxes
  • Standing Displays
  • Add-Ons 

Display boxes are not complete without add-ons and finishing layers. Hence, we provide customers with a range of various embellishments to knock out the other competitors. Our finishing options are perfectly luminous and provide an amazing look. Our options include:

  • Embossing debossing
  • Gloss
  • Matte
  • Lamination 
  • Die cut windows 
  • Custom inserts 
  • Foil stamping 
  • Hang tabs 
  • Handles
  • Windows 
  • And many more 
  • Printing Choices 

For display packaging, printing is the main key to help elevate the look. OXO Packaging UK provides multiple options for printing. Let us know about your requirements and information for your display packaging. We utilise cruelty-free ink with the latest printing technology to provide a smooth, smudge-resistant print. Our options include:

  • Digital printing 
  • CMYK printing 
  • Offset printing 
  • PMS printing 

Why Should You Choose Oxo Packaging UK?

OXO Packaging UK is the top supplier and manufacturer of display packaging wholesale. We provide unlimited services to our customers, ensuring perfection in each step. We aim to make your packaging journey with us easy and highly affordable.

Bulk orders are also accepted at wholesale prices. Our customers have full control of customising their display packaging from us. 

We have the right solution for your packaging needs as we manage to cater to them in the best way possible. We provide exceptional services to our customers which include:

  • Free shipping in the UK
  • Quick turnaround time 
  • No minimum order quantity 
  • Volume discounts
  • Bulk and wholesale orders 
  • Free design assistance 
  • No die plate charges
  • Instant Quote 
  • No setup fee
  • No hidden charges 

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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I order custom display boxes?

No worries! Just give us a shout, tell us what you're looking for, and we'll get you a price quote in no time. Once everything looks good to you, we'll make your boxes a reality. Once your boxes are made, they will be on their way to you.

Are display boxes eco-friendly?

Absolutely! Our boxes are made from sustainable materials, which means they're not only eye-catching but also kind to the planet.

Can display boxes be customized?

From design to dimensions, we offer full customization options to match your brand's unique needs.

Can I present my own designs?

Yes, you can tell us about your artwork and designs to print them on your display packaging.

Do you provide custom inserts?

Yes, we have custom inserts as well as foam inserts for premium display boxes. You can choose your desired inserts and we add them to your boxes. 


Are bulk orders accepted?

OXO Packaging UK widely accepts bulk and wholesale orders all across the UK. We further provide volume discounts. 


Do you provide quick delivery?

Our standard delivery time ranges from 12 to 15 business working days. However, if you want quick delivery then you can choose our expedited delivery option. 


Do you provide shipping all over the UK?

Yes, we ship your boxes to your doorsteps all over the UK. You will get your order free of shipping charges at affordable prices.