Retail Packaging

Grab your customer attention with our custom printed retail boxes. OXO Packaging Offering premium retail packaging solutions in UK.  

Retail Packaging
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Product Description

Captivate More Customers With Our Customisable Retail Packaging

Reliable retail packaging is needed to cover, protect, and display your products on retail store shelves. Also, suitable retail packaging bags help your customers comfortably carry the products they buy from you to their homes.

OXO Packaging is your one-stop solution to fulfil your retail packaging needs. We provide you with customised retail packaging solutions so that you can pack and display your products well. This way, you can increase your sales and lead the retail market.

Our retail packaging wholesale price is quite reasonable, letting you take advantage of high-quality packaging at affordable prices. Contact us now to purchase our retail packaging bags and boxes!

Protect Products In Durable Retail Boxes

Durability and longevity are included in the primary features of our retail packaging to protect your products. We manufacture retail boxes using corrugated and cardboard materials. And our bags are mostly made with Kraft. These materials are famous for their excellent tensile strength and remarkable durability.

They prevent the knocks and bumps that could happen when the store staff places your goods on the retail shelves. Also, our strong packaging avoids damaging factors your customers may encounter when carrying your items to their homes.

Improve Shelf Appearance With Custom Retail Packaging

At OXO Packaging; we understand that attracting a target audience to your products is one of your priorities as a retailer. Our custom retail packaging can help you in this regard. Do you want to know how? 

Our wide range of printing options lets you print your desired graphics on your retail bags and boxes. Now, all you need to do is choose suitable packaging illustrations to engage your potential buyers. That’s how you can enhance the shelf appearance of your products and improve your sales graph.

That’s not it! OXO Packaging is one of the full-spectrum retail packaging suppliers UK that never runs out of options. Apart from printing, we can add unique features to our retail packaging bags and boxes that fascinate your buyers. Some of these exclusive features are as follows:

  • Die-cut windows
  • Custom handles
  • Embossed or debossed graphics
  • Gloss, matte, and foil lamination
  • Spot UV

Enhance Brand Visibility With Printed Retail Packaging

Our experts can print your brand's logo at the right spot on product packaging so the eyes of your buyers quickly catch it. 

The printing quality also plays an important role when your brand has a target audience similar to your competitors. We use modern equipment and innovative techniques to print your retail packaging well. We offer the following printing options to make packaging for retail brands stand out:

  • Screen printing
  • Offset printing
  • Digital printing

We can also personalise the colour scheme of your retail bags and boxes according to your brand’s theme. It is an excellent strategy to reinforce your brand identity to your customers. For this purpose, we provide CMYK and PMS colour printing options for remarkable quality.

Why is OXO Packaging UK a Trusted Retail Packaging Company?

When you look for retail packaging suppliers UK, give OXO Packaging a try! Want to know why? This is because we are among the UK's most reputable custom packaging solutions suppliers. 

We have a vast list of satisfied customers, justifying our utmost credibility. We never settle for less when delivering quality to our customers. Our experts are always open to listening, comprehending, and realising your packaging needs.

  • Commitment To Deliver Quality

As discussed above, quality is paramount at OXO Packaging UK. Whether you opt for cardboard boxes or Kraft retail packaging bags, the quality of the material stays top-tier. Most of our clients email us just to appreciate the quality of the packaging that we deliver to them.

  • Affordable Prices To Save Budget

Although our high-quality packaging for retail brands is worth a lot of money. But we do not put much burden on your budget. We offer exclusive bags and boxes at reasonable prices. The best part is that you can even get discounts when you purchase packages from us in bulk.

  • Free And Fast Shipping At Your Doorstep

At OXO Packaging, we value the time of our customers. That’s why we have a quick turnaround time to deliver the desired packaging to you. 

We ship the retail packaging bags and boxes in 12 to 15 business days. The best part is that we do not charge you for shipping all over the UK.

Feel Free To Get A Quick Quote!

In the end, it’s all up to you to choose the best retail packaging partner for your business. However, if you want to boost the sales of your retail goods, you should choose the one that will help you do that. 

OXO Packaging UK is the supplier who not only understands your needs but also pays attention to what your customers will like. 

You are welcome to get an instant quote by calling at: 0800-208-8043 or email at: [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions
Why are retail boxes important for businesses?

Boxes for Retail Solutions elevate brand image, engage customers, and foster product trust, driving business success.

What materials are commonly used for retail boxes?

Common materials include cardboard, corrugated, and eco-friendly options like kraft paper for retail packaging boxes.

Do retail boxes come in different shapes and sizes?

Yes, boxes for retail are available in many sizes and shapes to suit products' needs and branding aesthetics.

Can retail boxes be customised to match a brand's identity?

Absolutely, retail box packaging can be customised with logos, colours, and themes to reflect a brand's identity.

What is the turnaround time for manufacturing retail boxes?

Turnaround time varies based on complexity, quantity, and customisation, typically 12-15 business days.

Can I order small quantities of custom retail boxes?

Yes, many manufacturers accommodate small orders for custom retail box packaging to cater to various business needs.

What are the different types of retail packaging?

Many types of custom retail packaging are available in the market. However, the most common ones are:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Kraft bags
  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Rigid Boxes

Each packaging type has distinctive features; you can choose the one that suits your retail business.


What is the difference between e-commerce packaging and retail packaging?

Retail packaging is created to pack the products in a secure case and impress consumers simultaneously. They are mostly seen on retail shop displays. In contrast, e-commerce packaging is designed to ensure safe product shipping. 


Although both types of packaging interact with end users, e-commerce packages commonly come with fewer marketing elements than retail packaging.


What is a retail insert in packaging?

A retail insert can be a flyer, card, sticker, or anything else placed inside a retail box serving the purpose of marketing. 


Such inserts are printed with promotional information about the retail brand and product. When customers find these inserts in the product boxes, your brand name sticks to their sight.


Where can I buy custom retail packaging in the UK?

You can buy retail packaging from local vendors, wholesalers, and online sellers. Purchasing online is a convenient option for you. 


If you want excellent quality packaging for your retail products, opt for OXO Packaging UK as your reliable packaging partner. We customise the packaging to your requirements at a reasonable price.


What is your turnaround time to deliver retail boxes?

At OXO Packaging UK, we deliver the packaging to your requirements in 12 to 15 business days. Despite offering a quick turnaround time, we do not charge shipping fees in the UK.