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Product Description

Choose Bottom Closure Boxes for Premium Product Packaging

Bottom closure can be a good choice for packaging your products. Using these boxes, you can easily assemble your product and deliver it to your customer’s doorstep. Do not let your target audience feel negative about your brand because of low-quality packaging. OXO Packaging is here to serve you with its high-quality box making online facility. We are here to design packing box for your company as per the product’s dimensions. Our company can design customised boxes of various sizes and let you pack your products easily.

What is a Bottom Closure Box?

A bottom closure box is a specific type of box that features a closure mechanism at the bottom of the box. This closure mechanism is designed to securely seal the bottom of the box and offer added protection and stability to the contents inside. The boxes are available in various sizes, shapes, and designs to accommodate different packaging needs.

Give Products a Unique Look With Bottom Closure Boxes

Undoubtedly, product packaging can leave a prominent impact on your buyers. It is good to choose the best retail boxes for packing your products and let your customers feel happy. By choosing the bottom closure boxes, you can easily get the expected results. From OXO Packaging UK, you can order a bottom closure with a unique shape and design. We can help you design your own packaging online free without any additional cost. You can easily arrange your products in our boxes and display them in your store as well as send them to your buyers. 

Benefits of Using Our Bottom Closure Boxes

By choosing the bottom closure over other printed shipping boxes, you will get multiple benefits. This selection can help you grow your business and make a prominent name in the field. Here are a few common benefits that every company gets by working with us. 

1. Various Customisation Options

First of all, you can find multiple customisation options when choosing the bottom closure. Instead of size or shape only, you can also find a complete change in the design. From top to bottom, you can change the entire outlook of your boxes. OXO Packaging UK will offer you customisation in terms of size, shape, design, material, and printing. You can get the custom boxes with your brand’s logo and name. It will be a good approach for promoting your brand to your customers and getting recommendations. 

2. Conveniently Sized Packaging

Forget about dealing with oversized boxes when you go for bottom closure packaging. Our specialised boxes come in standard sizes that are easy to handle and transport. If you are packaging products or displaying them on shelves, our bottom closure boxes offer a practical solution. Your customers will appreciate the convenience of carrying their items in these perfectly sized boxes.

3. Appealing Outlook

Unlike other ordinary boxes, bottom closure boxes are designed to give an attractive look to your product. With these retail boxes, you can attract customers and show your passion for your business. OXO Packaging delivers the boxes that will make your products more aesthetic on shelves. It will help you make more business while getting recommendations from current customers. 

Why Should You Choose OXO Packaging UK?

Multiple packaging companies are available on the internet but still OXO Packaging secures the position among top-notch companies. The reason behind this is the aim of our company to serve the customers with quality services. Here are a few more reasons that encourage you to choose us as your packaging box manufacturer. 

1. Effective Designing & Printing

From OXO Packaging UK, you will not get standard designing and printing services. We use advanced technology to effectively produce the boxes. Our boxes look amazing in vibrant colours and prints. Your ordered boxes will not look dull after a few days or weeks. You can get custom shipping boxes from us and keep using them for months. 

2. Affordable Prices

At OXO Packaging, pricing is not everything for the company. We aim to help businesses with our quality packaging boxes at affordable rates. As a business owner/manager, you can order boxes with free shipping and designing services. 

3. Excellent Technology Usage

Our company uses advanced technology to provide the buyers with what they are expecting. We use digital printing, offset printing, and screen printing technology to get your expected results at the end.

Moreover, our employed technologies are not harmful to the ecosystem. So, there will be no damage to the environment from our bottom closure boxes manufacturing. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I get a bottom closure sample?

Yes, of course. OXO Packaging UK offers a 3D modelling sample as well as an on-demand physical sample of a bottom closure box. 


Can you print my design on packaging boxes?

You can share your suggested design with OXO Packaging. We offer customised printing in which we can print your given design in our boxes. You can also get free design services from our professional designers. 


What are your shipping charges?

OXO Packaging UK offers free shipping for the packaging boxes. You only have to pay for the box's production. 


What materials do you use for bottom closure boxes?

For bottom closure boxes, we use cardboard and paperboard. Some of the coated materials are used on the demand of the customers. 


How can I order a custom shipping box?

To get a custom quote or processing with the order, you need to contact OXO Packaging UK. Our team will get back to you soon to discuss what your concerns are.