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Custom Jewellery Boxes: A Professional Packaging Solution 

We are presenting to you our latest range of custom jewellery boxes. As a packaging company, we understand how packaging trends change. So we work accordingly to offer the perfect services for your business. We use high-quality material for packaging. Furthermore, our state-of-the-art packaging technologies professionally print your Custom Rigid Boxes on Wholesale. It gives your packaging a clean and crisp font and perfect design elements. Let's see each of our jewellery box specifications one by one.

Luxury Presentation with Top-Quality Packaging Materials

Jewellery boxes need a premium presentation that comes with premium packaging material. We offer multiple packaging materials for jewellery boxes that you can choose according to your brand and packaging needs. Moreover, choosing the right packaging material can enhance your box's visual appeal and grab the attention of your potential customers. OXO Packaging never compromises on packaging quality. By working with our company, you can completely customise your jewellery boxes. So you can count on our:

  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Rigid Boxes

Although we have other packaging materials, such as kraft and cardboard boxes, available for jewellery packaging, the most used materials are corrugated boxes and rigid boxes, as they give your boxes a luxury touch.

Rigid Boxes:

Custom rigid boxes are made with premium quality cardboard sheets. These boxes can be customised in different shapes and sizes according to your brand's needs. At OXO Packaging, we always go with a client-centric approach. So, your preference is our priority. If you need custom size boxes for your jewellery packaging, we will cater to your needs. Moreover, our luxury rigid boxes can be enhanced with embellishments to capture buyer attention. In addition to that, rigid boxes also improve the customer unboxing experience. 

Corrugated Boxes:

Corrugated boxes are also perceived as luxury boxes. These boxes have a nice presentation and offer a plain canvas for designing and printing elements. Moreover, these boxes are easy to stock if you have to store them in warehouses. Talking about their durability, they can handle tough handling, wear and tear, temperature, and moisture effects to an extent. 

Endless Customization Options:

Being a top manufacturer of bespoke jewellery box packaging, OXO Packaging can design and create the box of your dreams. We provide customised boxes in a range of sizes, designs, and colours based on your needs.
When we say endless customization, we mean it. There is no single aspect of the box that can't be customised. We know that every jewellery item is delicately crafted, and their packaging needs differ. That is why we offer custom-size boxes for your jewellery masterpieces. Moreover, you can also get a customised style for your boxes to build a unique presentation. Here are most of the used services by our client base. 

  • Size Customization
  • Style Customization
  • Print Customization

Enchanting Jewellery Box Wholesale

The fact that our packaging for a personalised jewellery box is customizable is its best feature. We provide a wide range of shades and designs so you can match them to whatever style you like. Our talented designers will develop a special design for each client, following their requests and requirements. Even if you have your creative designs, our artisan manufacturing team will transform them into reality. Moreover, if necessary, you can ask our experts for free design advice, and we'll work with you to find the ideal style for your company.

Unique and Captivating Custom Jewellery Box Styles

Jewellery box styles and trends change rapidly, and to stay on top, you need a customised solution that fits your brand requirements and appeals to customers' eyes. You can have jewellery boxes with compartments to store a multitude of jewellery items. Moreover, your branding elements can help you create unique and captivating jewellery boxes. For instance you can create custom jewellery boxes with logo to present your unique identity. 
Printing and Jewellery Box Finishing in Real Colour

You must avoid making mistakes when it comes to the packaging of your jewellery boxes wholesale. Spending money on ineffective boxes is not something you want to do. We developed our range of environmentally friendly printing, employing soy-based colours and methods.

  • Digital
  • CMYK
  • PMS
  • Offset

We have cutting-edge printing equipment for flawless printing results. Our team of talented designers can print your design on Custom Ring Boxes in accordance with your specifications.

You can make a fashion statement by adding finishing choices to the custom cosmetics box package, such as spot UV, die-cutting, gold/silver foiling, embossing/debossing, matte/gloss lamination, bespoke window, or custom inserts.

Choose the Best Pocket-friendly Jewellery Box

We provide customised jewellery boxes at competitive prices with complete options of materials, sizes, styles, designs, printing, and finishing. Our company also sells these boxes in large quantities at extremely affordable prices. We guarantee total client pleasure by offering high-quality products and quick delivery services.

Our design team at OXO Packaging works with you to create a custom jewellery packaging solution that complements your brand's image. We create striking visuals that perfectly reflect your brand. We place a high priority on using premium cardboard stock to shield your jewellery from any outside influences.

Our customised package options also feature your company's logo and other pertinent details, making it simpler for clients to distinguish your brand from competitors.

Why OXO Packaging UK?

So far, you have an idea why OXO Packaging UK is the best option. But to excite your ordering process. We possess some qualities that make them different from competitors.

First, we don't charge extra for glueing, perforation, and die-cut services. Our turnaround time is shorter than normal packaging service providers. When we get an order, we try to complete it in a given time frame. Moreover, we offer short-run boxes and wholesale ranges to our valued clients, and the icing on the cake is that our doorstep delivery will cost you zero pennies. So call us today and grab a good deal.

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There are multitude of jewellery boxes that can be used according to your product preferences. These types include ring packaging boxes, necklace boxes, bracelet boxes, pendant boxes, and a lot more.

Corrugated boxes and rigid boxes are considered the best material for custom jewellery boxes. These boxes exude a sense of premium quality, and consumers perceive them as luxury products.

Lamination and top coats are available for a fine finishing of your product. These options include matte lamination, gloss lamination, spot UV, aqua coats, and varnish coats

Choosing the best jewellery boxes for your product depends on several factors. Including your brand aesthetics, durability constraints, and product dimensions.

OXO Packaging is the best solution available for buying jewellery boxes in bulk. They offer amazing packaging options, endless customization, and quality control. Moreover, they have affordable prices and special discounts for large orders.