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Step Up Your Packaging Game with Our Premium E Liquid Boxes

The popularity of E liquids has led to a big need for high-quality packaging. The right packaging not only protects your products but also elevates your brand and communicates quality. Our e liquid boxes offer a cost-effective and convenient packaging solution for your brand.

Features of Our E Liquid Boxes 

Our boxes are designed with high-quality materials to withstand external pressure, moisture, and sunlight. Thus, they protect the integrity of your e-liquids. Besides, we use recyclable materials to manufacture our boxes. This way, we help you to show your commitment to sustainability. Also, we help you to reduce your brand’s carbon footprint on the environment.

In addition, we offer our customers cost-effective solutions in the form of e liquid boxes wholesale. It ensures the consistency of high quality across all your products. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing premium packaging without compromising quality. 

Further, customisation allows you to showcase your brand identity with ease. Our boxes are fully customisable, and they ensure your packaging looks as unique as your brand.
Beyond these boxes, we also offer comprehensive packaging solutions. We offer a wide range of Wholesale CBD packaging to fulfil your needs in the vaping industry.

Boost Your Brand Identity with Custom E Liquid Boxes

Customisation offers an excellent way to boost your brand identity. In the crowded market, you can distinguish your products by adding your brand logo, mission, story, and values. All these branding elements act as your free brand ambassador.
Also, well-designed packaging communicates your brand’s message effectively. Hence, you can strengthen your brand identity in the competitive market. Besides, you can choose any colour, theme, size, design, shape, and style for your E liquid packaging. It increases customers’ trust in your brand because a perfect-sized E liquid box provides maximum protection to the products inside.

High- Quality of Our E liquid Packaging 

When it comes to packaging, never compromise on the quality of your E liquid boxes. Premium quality packaging not only protects your products but also reflects your brand image. So it is essential to invest in premium-quality packaging.

When customers receive their products in the best possible conditions, it increases the chances of repurchase. On the other hand, it leaves a negative impression when customers receive their products in a damaged E liquid box. Therefore, we always use the best materials to manufacture your Custom Vape Boxes, such as

  • Kraft
  • Cardboard
  • Rigid
  • Corrugated

All these materials are highly durable, sturdy, and robust. And they provide maximum protection to the products inside. Thus, help you to leave a positive impression on customers’ minds.

Stand Out with Innovative Designs and Styles

Standing out in a hyper-competitive market is quite a challenge. However, you can differentiate your products with innovative designs and styles of E liquid packaging. Also, there is no need to settle for ordinary packaging when you can make a bold statement with distinctive packaging styles and designs.

Also, unique styles and designs will differentiate your products. That’s why we offer our customers unique styles and designs for E liquid boxes. So you can captivate customers in just a few seconds.

Add Transparency to Your Brands

You can also add transparency to your brand to win customers’ trust. For this, you can add product details, usage instructions, and other necessary information. Also, you can share your contact details, so customers can easily contact you.

Furthermore, you can add windows or other features to make E liquid packaging more appealing.

Go Green with Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Going green has become the need of the hour with the increased awareness among customers. Now, customers demand eco-friendly packaging solutions to save the earth from harmful chemicals. Therefore, it has become essential to move towards sustainable packaging.

For this, we offer our customers Cardboard and Kraft E liquid packaging. They are made from recyclable and biodegradable materials. So they don’t cause pollution to the environment and help you to save the environment.

Go For E Liquid Boxes Wholesale

We also offer our customers E liquid boxes wholesale. Buying in bulk not only helps you save a handsome amount but also saves your time and effort. Additionally, it ensures the continuity of your business due to the enormous supply of E liquid packaging.

Moreover, when your packaging is uniform, it provides a sense of trust and reliability to customers. Thus, it gives you the competitive edge that you need.

Eye-Catchy Printing

Printed boxes grab customers' attention at the very first glance. Therefore, we use the latest and high-end printing tools and techniques for printing E liquid boxes, such as

  • Offset Printing
  • Digital Printing

Both these printing techniques result in premium quality images on your custom E liquid boxes. Besides, we use attractive and eye-catchy colours to make your printing livelier.
On top of that, you can choose any single colour or combination of colours, such as CMYK, CMYK+ 1 PMS, or CMYK + 2 PMS. All these colours bring your brand to life in no time.

Why Choose OXO Packaging?

Are you looking for reliable packaging solutions? OXO Packaging is a trusted packaging manufacturer and supplier in the UK. We honour our customers and make their goals our priority. Our expert team of designers help you at each step of customisation to choose the right packaging.

We are our customers’ number one choice for custom e liquid boxes due to the following reasons:

  • No die or plate charges
  • No hidden or extra charges
  •  Fast and free shipping
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Active live chat support

All these features make us a premium packaging solution. If you still have any queries in your mind, you can contact us immediately. Place your order and enjoy our customer-oriented services.

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Yes, you can customise them the way you want to boost your brand identity.


Yes, you can add windows or other design features of your choice.

Yes, OXO Packaging allows you to order as many custom e-liquid boxes as you want.

The commonly used materials include Kraft, Corrugated, Rigid, and Cardboard.