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Durable & Creative Custom Printed Display Boxes

If you’re looking for ways to make your products on the retail shelve look appealing, then you definitely need creative cardboard display boxes. These boxes can be placed on the shelves in your own store, can be used at a temporary event, or even displayed in other retail stores that sell your products.

Limitless Customization Possibilities for Display Boxes

You can use these boxes to pack lightweight products like lipstick, candy, lip balms, and similar items. You can customize these boxes into different shapes, styles, sizes, and designs.  Our custom display boxes are made from high-quality materials and finishes. Our counter display boxes are good for boosting your brand’s reputation.

Custom display packaging boxes establish your brand’s identity and boost its visibility with printed graphics, logos, and other branding features. You can customize your display packaging in different sizes and unique designs to compliment your products.

Get Unique Counter Display Boxes

Generally, counter display boxes are used in stores to showcase items such as candies, small gadgets, cosmetics, or other products for quick and easy sales. They are designed to visually appeal with eye-catching custom graphics. These boxes are vital to the success of retail marketing, hence, known as point-of-purchase or countertop displays.

How Can Wholesale Display Packaging Boxes Help Your Business?

Are you looking for quality display packaging boxes? As a trusted manufacturer and supplier in the UK, OXO Packaging is the right place for wholesale display packaging options. With our wholesale packaging options, you can get high-quality display packaging boxes at jaw-dropping prices. Whether you need display packaging boxes for your retail outlet or Custom Window Boxes wholesale for a special product launch, we got you covered. Our display boxes wholesale options are a game-changer for businesses looking to save without skimping on quality.

We deliver not just wholesale boxes, but an exceptional packaging experience that can enhance your brand while keeping costs under control. So why wait? Reach out to OXO Packaging UK today for unmatched wholesale rates and let's take your product display to new heights!

Learn about Incredible Display Box Styles

The most popular styles used by retail stores are:

Counter Window Boxes: The attention of customers in shops and in retail stores can be retained through window display boxes that showcase products prominently.
Lock Bottom Boxes: These boxes are widely used in the retail market, also known as a snap lock box because it has four locking flaps that attach to the bottom of it.
Dispenser Display Boxes: These boxes are made of cardboard used to hold and dispense a particular product, making easily dispensable products dispense out.

All You Need to Know about Display Box Specifications

1. Materials

Depending on your product needs, you can choose a material between 300gsm and 400gsm thickness, as per the standard thickness recommended for display boxes.

It ultimately depends on which material you pick contingent upon your product need. Generally, 300gsm to 400gsm is the standard thickness of material used to make the perfect display box.

Cardboard: Fully customizable and allows high-quality printing
Kraft: Eco-friendly, but after printing on it, the colors show dull compared to white cards

2. Add-Ons

Make your boxes unique through the following add-ons:

  • Embossing: In this process an image or text is raised with the help of a die.
  • Debossing:  This feature provides a pressed design pattern, logo, or text in the material
  • Foil Stamping: This method allows you to apply foil films on the packaging surface with the help of heat and pressure.
  • Spot UV: A specific technique in which UV coating is applied to a selective area or spot

3. Finishing Options

We offer packaging below mentioned finishing options:

  • Matte: A Matte finish is applied to keep the paper surface more natural and soft.
  • Gloss: A shiny coating used to give your packaging surface a protective layer against moisture.

Contact us Today!

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you're looking for counter display boxes or comprehensive display packaging services, OXO Packaging UK is your go-to manufacturer and supplier. Grab the opportunity to showcase your products in style, without breaking the bank. Ready to make a splash with outstanding display packaging? Contact us and let's get the ball rolling!

Ordering Process of Display Boxes

You can have your boxes delivered to your warehouse in five easy steps.

  • Step 1: Submit Quote

Let us know your packaging needs by filling up the form.

  • Step 2: Material Selection

After analyzing packaging needs, we will recommend the most suitable material for your product.

  • Step 3: Artwork

Our designer will support you in making artwork perfect for you.

  • Step 4: Manufacture

We will start making your boxes once the artwork is finalized.

  • Step 5: Shipping

We will ship your boxes once they have been produced

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No worries! Just give us a shout, tell us what you're looking for, and we'll get you a price quote in no time. Once everything looks good to you, we'll make your boxes a reality. Once your boxes are made, they will be on their way to you.

Absolutely! Our boxes are made from sustainable materials, which means they're not only eye-catching but also kind to the planet.

From design to dimensions, we offer full customization options to match your brand's unique needs.