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Custom & Affordable Cigarette Boxes 

Are you a company looking to buy eye catching cigarette boxes? Bring your cigarette packaging up to premium quality with OXO Packaging. Our captivating designs and vibrant prints catch everyone’s eye. We have the talent to turn your boring cigarette boxes into intriguing and smartly designed boxes! Take a look at our creative process and great deals and you’ll be sure to choose OXO Packaging as your packaging partner. Now get our Custom CBD Packaging wholesale, too!

What Should Be Printed On Cigarette Boxes? 

We’re experienced in creating the best cigarette boxes. Over time, we’ve accumulated a list of information that should be printed on them:

  • Health Warnings
  • A General Warning
  • Nicotine Content
  • Tar and Carbon Monoxide Levels
  • Manufacturer Information
  • The Ingredients
  • Age Restrictions
  • Barcode and Batch Code
  • Country of Origin

Apart from all of this, the most important things are: 

  • Your Trademark and Branding
  • Packaging Design

We add all of these in our custom prints. It seems like a lot, but our design team does it in a way that the cigarette boxes look aesthetic. 

Unique Custom Printed Cigarette Boxes

When you call us with your order, we dedicate our time to understanding your brand values. Then, our team starts creating captivating custom designs for you. All you have to do is forward us your design specifications. Then, we will come up with themes, art, and patterns that complement your brand image. Every box we create is unique, giving you an edge over competitors. 

Moreover, we have state-of-the-art printing technology. This allows us to create high quality prints fast. Besides, we use long lasting inks to stamp your logo and messages. Furthermore, if you’ve got your own designs, share them with us! Customize plain cardboard cigarette boxes to suit your needs! At OXO Packaging, we have a skillful team that will bring your cigarette box vision to life.

Custom Cigarette Boxes By OXO Packaging

We offer customization, and we execute it stunningly. Custom printed cigarette boxes made by our designers will leave a lasting impression. At OXO Packaging, one of our best assets is our expert design team. 

Additionally, our team is available every step of the way. Hence, we guide you with our expert opinion. This will help you create the next best cigarette boxes in town. Plus, with our top tier printing technology, you’ve really got nothing to worry about. Our custom cigarette boxes are crafted just for you. Hence, ensuring that you showcase you brand in the best possible way.

We Use Premium Materials

For cigarette boxes, we handpick the finest material. With a deep insight into the packaging materials, we offer a wide variety of stock. With a deep insight into the packaging materials, we offer a wide variety of stock. All of our materials are durable and long lasting. For cigarette boxes, our top picks are: 

  • Rigid Boxes 
  • Cardboard Boxes 
  • Kraft Boxes

We firmly seal your cigarettes with robust packaging boxes. Since cigarettes are breakable, we put special attention to protect them. Additionally, our boxes ensure lasting freshness and aroma. We advise you to choose either kraft or cardboard boxes. They are multi layered and sturdy. Hence, offering maximum protection from sudden falls, moisture, and heat. Choosing the best material for your cigarette boxes is crucial. But don’t fret! OXO Packging has got you covered.  

Our Quality Checks Ensure You High Quality Cigarette Boxes

OXO Packaging never leaves the job half done. We believe in quality and deliver you boxes that exceed your expectations. We have an amazing team of quality experts. These people are dedicated to ensuring we’re giving you only the best. Besides, they keep a keen eye on every manufacturing phase. Thus, ensuring the highest quality of designs, and packaging.

We understand that in the tobacco industry, packaging matters. Which is why we put special efforts to exceed quality standards. We guarantee to provide you with what we promise. From designing elegant boxes to creating the end product, our quality inspection team eliminates any chance of mistakes. 

OXO Packaging Promotes Sustainable Packaging 

One of our cigarette boxes' most beneficial and distinguishing features is that they’re ecologically safe. The materials we use are biodegradable, reusable, and recyclable. Our packaging is sustainable, so you can label it as so. Besides, they can get you a high sale rate by helping you attract green lovers. Hence, with our sustainable packaging, you can also bring a positive impression on customers.

Our Wholesale Cigarette Packaging Options

At OXO Packaging, we’re always looking to provide the best deals for our customers. This time around, we’ve come out with our wholesale options. You can now order this Custom CBD packaging wholesale, too!

Avail Free Shipping all Over the USA!

We're excited to tell you about yet another fantastic deal. Enjoy free shipping on all orders placed with OXO Packaging! We understand the importance of affordable packaging solutions. Hence, you can now receive your packaging products at your doorstep without shipping charges. Plus, we do all of this without compromising on quality.

Whether you're ordering custom cigarette boxes, or plain cardboard cigarette boxes, it doesn’t matter. With our free shipping option, we will ensure you get your products at no additional cost. Moreover, this is our way of showing appreciation for choosing OXO Packaging UK as your partner. 

Get Quick Turnaround Time

At OXO Packaging, we care for our customers and their convenience. Hence, we have devised effective shipping ways. We have one of the fastest turnaround times in the USA. So if you’re tight on deadlines, do not worry! You will get a seamless packaging experience.

Contact Us:

At OXO Packaging, we're dedicated to providing top-notch packaging solutions with the best cigarette boxes UK. We create cigarette boxes tailored to your unique requirements. Call us today at (204) 552-2510 to discover how we can elevate your packaging game! You can also visit our website to get a free quote now!

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Materials typically used for cigarette boxes are kraft or cardboard. Both of these are available at OXO Packaging.


Of course! At OXO Packaging, you can order any amount of custom cigarette boxes


Definitely! At OXO Packaging, we offer kraft boxes. Kraft paper is biodegradable and most businesses use this as an eco friendly packaging option.


Yes! We at OXO Packaging offer custom options. You can customize your cigarette boxes with your logo, themes and taglines!


Materials typically used for cigarette boxes are kraft or cardboard. Both of these are available at OXO Packaging.