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7 Amazing Types of Food Boxes You Must Know

2024-06-03 13:29:33

Types of Food Boxes

Food items are fragile and can easily get damaged. The quality of food products is necessary to keep them fresh, tasty, and of the same quality as was before the box packaging. The material quality and nature you should also consider to showcase your food product in the best possible way.

To meet all these requirements, you should take a diligent and intelligent look at your food items, their nature, the time duration for the storage of these items, and the styles of boxes for their packaging. 

Read this blog to read the types of food boxes that follow the trending styles and make your packaging effective.

  • Paper Boxes

Food box packaging requires special care in selecting sustainable and food-grade material to make food content safe, healthy, and hygienic. Paper materials, like kraft, provide suitable solutions to the packaging of food boxes.

This material provides better safety to the food items without losing the freshness and taste of food items. It further allows customization of these boxes in a stylish and charming outlook. Following are some examples of the styles and shapes of paper boxes:

  • Plain Boxes
  • Taco Boxes
  • Snack Boxes
  • Burger Boxes
  • Chinese Takeout Boxes
  • Custom Benecreat Boxes
  • Biodegradable Food Boxes
  • Cardboard Boxes

Among many food packaging choices, printed cardboard boxes are an attractive and useful choice to provide a variety of food boxes in styles and shapes. Cardboard boxes are sustainable, recyclable, and food content-friendly options. This material can easily be customised in a variety of shapes and styles to provide ease and convenience to the users and enhance the appeal of the food products.

The styles and shapes of these cardboard boxes include the following:

  • Bagel Boxes
  • Dessert Boxes
  • Hot Dog Boxes
  • Sandwich Boxes
  • Custom Pasta Boxes
  • Chinese Food Boxes
  • Custom Nachos Boxes
  • Plastic Boxes

Plastic food packaging boxes are a trendy choice for daily household and outdoor dining purposes. These boxes with the addition of biodegradable material provide convenience to keep food items in hygienic condition for storage and dining comfort. Plastic boxes can be customised according to the requirements of fast food restaurants, frozen food items, and other food choices.

Consider the following choices for customization of plastic boxes for your convenience:

  • Round Food Boxes
  • Two Pieces Food Boxes
  • Disposable Food Containers
  • Round Edges Food Containers
  • Bagasse

This material offers a solution to keep the food items fresh, tasty, and healthy. This material is a by-product of sugar cane and forms the eco-friendly and food-safe packaging material. Boxes made with this are available in different shapes and sizes as per your needs. However, it also allows you to make it customised according to your requirements. 

Have a view of the following readily available shapes and styles of this packaging:

  • Bagasse Burger Boxes
  • Customised Bagasse Boxes
  • 2 Compartments Bagasse Boxes
  • 3 Compartments Bagasse Boxes
  • Single Compartment Bagasse Boxes
  • Metal Boxes

Metallic boxes for food packaging are commonly used for different food items, like desserts and frozen food. These boxes provide food safety during storage, serving, and in dining. Metallic food boxes can be personalised with different customization options from shaping and styling these boxes to the finishing of these boxes.

These metallic boxes provide a variety of customization offerings and personalization choices. These food boxes can be made with the following styles and shapes according to your needs:

  • Cylindrical Metal Boxes
  • Two Pieces Metal Boxes
  • Metal Boxes with Handles
  • Cubic Shaped Metal Boxes
  • Round Shaped Metal Boxes
  • Vintage Style Boxes

Vintage style boxes are made to give the product packaging an old style to remind the prospects of an experience and the olden memories. This way, the product packaging can enhance the appeal of this type of box and gain the attention of the relevant prospects. These boxes can be made with many materials, like kraft paper, cardboard, plastic, and other materials.

The usage of vintage style boxes is best if you want to offer ancient dishes. Another use of this packaging is offering food for special occasions. For example, if you want to run a restaurant and want to wow your customers on Christmas, you can use vintage style packaging to make your food brand stand out!

  • Compostable and Recyclable Boxes

Any of the three types of packaging materials can form compostable materials. These materials are bioplastic, paper, and cardboard. Boxes made with these materials are sustainable, durable, and reliable. These boxes allow you to customise the packaging of food-friendly choices.

Recyclable boxes are made to attract prospects because of these boxes' recyclability. These boxes made with recyclable material provide the user an opportunity to recycle them and protect the environment by spreading the carbon effects of the box packaging.

  • Choosing the Best Food Box Packaging

After exploring the seven amazing food box packaging types, you might still wonder what type of box packaging can be regarded as the best among all of them. The best food packaging can be the one that fulfills the prime objective of the food items. For example, if we are talking about keeping the food items in frozen form, one of the best box packaging could be the plastics and vice versa.


Food boxes are made to keep the food items fresh, hygienic, and tasty. These boxes provide protection from spoilage of their quality and freshness. 

From among the different types of food items and the food box packaging, the food packaging industry should consider the nature of food items and the nature and quality of food box packaging to make a better and more effective packaging decision. 

Choosing the right type of packaging for your food brand can be a daunting task. If you are out of options and want experts to help you decide the right packaging for your brand, you can shoot us an email or call us.