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8 Types of Cardboard Boxes That Are Popular in the Packaging Industry

2024-06-06 13:53:01

Types of Cardboard Boxes

Finding the right cardboard packaging style that aligns with your product's needs is quite challenging. Many industries such as food, beverages, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals are looking for durable packaging material. Cardboard is a durable material for creating boxes for product protection.

After getting the sustainable material, the right style or design matters a lot in product protection or presentation. 

In this blog, the different types of cardboard boxes in the packaging industry are addressed. 

What is the Importance of Cardboard Boxes In The Packaging Industry?

Cardboard boxes are made from wood pulp and are considered the best choice for packaging products. These boxes are quite beneficial in the packaging industry for various purposes. With its sturdy or durable property, you can store products and prevent them from being damaged. Cardboard is highly used for packing or shipping goods to keep the item safe and secure inside from external factors. 

They can easily mould in any shape or size which makes them versatile and flexible. You can hold any type of product in it such as food, clothes, electronics, jewellery, etc. Cardboard boxes contain features of sustainability such as reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable which helps the environment. Most companies consider it a good choice for selling their products or goods. You can customise your package with distinct decorative elements to make them eye-catching and stunning. 

8 Types of Cardboard Boxes Based on Style And Usage

Every product needs a different packaging style that supports it on the shelves. Packaging with style or use matters a lot to keep the product safe and strengthen your brand reputation. Here are the different types of cardboard boxes based on their style of packaging and usage in the industry.

  • Gable Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard gable boxes come in the shape of square bottom and triangular top that give an impact of house-rooftop. They are specially designed for store equipment, dairy products, food, or beverages to enhance their handling purpose. You can use them for various purposes such as packing gifts, favours, treats, or food items to make them stand out on the shelves. 

They usually contain a handle for easy or convenient carrying of the product. Given the property of a bag and box, it is well-known that a self-lock carrier contains the item. You can print them with a logo, name, or information to increase your brand awareness. 

  • Pillow Cardboard Boxes

Create cardboard boxes in the shape of pillows that are very versatile and flexible nowadays in packaging. With fixed dimensions, or offering a convenient opening you can design the pillow boxes to gain customer attention. Cardboard pillow boxes are the preferable choice for gifting valuables and edibles to kids. 

Enhance your brand perception with this style of cardboard boxes and make your product stand out on the shelves. Go with vibrant colours, designs, layouts, or themes, to create a classic outer surface to attract customers and increase your brand's perceived value. These boxes are ideal for storing jewellery, small electronics, candies, chocolates, etc. with the interlock tabs protecting the content inside. 

  • Tuck Cardboard Boxes

Increase your brand sales with the retail cardboard tuck boxes. A very commonly used cardboard box that is durable, versatile, and flexible to store products. These boxes provide a convenient storage facility to keep the item safe from damage. Cardboard tuck boxes are used to improve your sales graph and connect with buyers emotionally. 

Choose the different colour schemes, innovative ideas, and printing methods, for customising tuck boxes to bring your creativity into reality. It offers an easy opening or closing mechanism to enhance user experience. Also, select the different styles of tuck boxes in cardboard material such as straight tuck boxes, reverse tuck boxes, and auto lock tuck boxes to store different weight products. 

  • Sleeve Slider Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard sleeve boxes are ideal for increasing the visual or aesthetic appearance of the product. With the sliding pattern, you can enhance the user experience. A sliding box gives an easy pulling or dragging option to access the product inside. You can keep the item well protected inside the box and keep it away from any contamination. 

Add the ribbons, or buttons to pull the boxes to give an outstanding opening experience to customers. These are sturdy and robust materials that protect your items during shipping. You can save small electronics, jewellery, cosmetics, candies, etc. 

  • Round Cardboard Boxes

Empower the product presentation with the round cardboard boxes. You can store watches, bracelets, belts, and other accessories to organise the storage option. Make these boxes with cardboard to provide durability and reliability to keep the product safe from eternal factors. 

Due to their unique style, these are very attractive and catch the consumer's attention to choose your product over others. These cylindrical cardboard boxes provide excellent protection against crushing or damage and keep the food item fresh for a long time. 

  • Mailer Cardboard Boxes

Mailer cardboard boxes are versatile and flexible with interlock properties to protect the product. Highly used for sending, shipping, or delivering purposes. These boxes required no adhesive tape or glue to keep them closed. Mostly double wall boxes are more suitable for transporting to keep the item safe and sound. 

These mailer boxes guarantee fragile or sensitive items and use extra cushioning or filling to keep the product potted from damage. You can print your business logo, name, or tagline to increase your brand awareness. 

  • Retail Cardboard Boxes

Retail cardboard boxes are used for storing and transporting your selling products such as candies, food items, cosmetics, pieces of jewellery, etc. These boxes are a great way to show off your brand and secure your product. Custom retail boxes are ideal for storing heavy-weight items such as electronics, perfumes, beverages, etc. 

You can print your logo, business information, and a piece of information for branding or marketing. Entice the customers to make purchases with eye-catching printing and visual appeal. 

  • Display Cardboard Boxes

Provide a quick look or glimpse at your product with display cardboard boxes. Increase your product viability and appeal with a transparent window for better brand recall. Craft your display cardboard boxes with innovative printing techniques that add value to your box. Showcase your retail product at the counter mall to attract customer attention and increase sales.


Packaging cardboard boxes with different styles that align with your product requirements helps you to increase sales and visual appeal. Above are the different types of cardboard boxes based on their style and usage that encourage customers to make buying decisions. 

Consider the above-mentioned types of cardboard boxes and get a better packaging idea for your products.