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7 Features of a Kraft Box With Window that Boost Your Product

2024-06-24 13:03:25

Kraft Box With Window

A kraft box is an excellent packaging solution for your products as it comes with many distinctive features. Talking specifically about the kraft box with window, it has also become popular in the market, as it not only protects but also elevates your products.

If you are looking for a reliable and eye-catching packaging solution for your products, explore the following 7 features of a kraft paper box with window bears. Also, we will discuss where you can buy these distinctive packaging boxes for your products.

  • Unmatched Durability

Kraft is a wood-based material famous for its excellent durability. Boxes made of this exceptional material can protect your products from various types of damage. However, the durability of a kraft box with a window is more suitable to protect lightweight items instead of heavy-duty ones.

You can use kraft boxes for the safe shipping of your items, as they resist the bumps and knocks of the delivery. They are also famous for their tear-resistant properties. The wood fibers in kraft are bonded strongly making it difficult to be torn apart.

Kraft itself is not waterproof. However, you can modify it to a waterproof packaging material by laminating it with hydrophobic PVC sheets. Such laminated packaging boxes can keep water-sensitive items in their pristine condition.

  • Significant Flexibility

Flexibility is an important factor that unlocks multiple benefits of product packaging. Kraft box packaging is made of a flexible material. Kraft paper is a thin material so it can be easily moulded.

The amazing flexibility of a kraft box with a window allows you to personalise it in the shapes of your liking. You can go creative with the packaging designs to elevate your product presentation in these boxes. For instance, you can make foldable flaps of a kraft paper box for its easy opening and closing. 

The best thing about this packaging box is that its flexibility does not compromise its strength and durability. Despite being flexible the well-compressed wood pulps give a robust and tear-resistant structure to a kraft box packaging.

  • Customisable Shapes & Sizes

The excellent customisability of a kraft box with window makes it an outstanding packaging solution for various businesses. You can easily alter the shapes and sizes of these boxes according to the dimensions of your products allowing fine and snug fitting.

The popular shapes of custom kraft boxes with windows include tuck-end design, gable style, pillow shape and many more. You can also go for some premium designs like sleeve sliders and magnetic closures to enhance the visual appeal of your products.

You can also get display window boxes using kraft paper that acts as an excellent marketing tool for products on the shelves of retail stores.

  • Unique Window Designs

A kraft box with window can not be explained without discussing the designs of its die-cut windows. These amazing windows provide a glimpse of a product to your customers who can make the purchase it. So, it plays a vital role in boosting your business sales.

Die-cut windows can be personalised in the shapes of your requirements. Using proper die-cut techniques, you can go creative while designing these windows. The most common ones are square and folded windows. You can also go for round and triangular designs to make your packaging boxes stand out from others.

Also, you can personalise their styles for special events and occasions. For instance, you can incorporate heart-shaped die-cut windows to make them Valentine’s Day boxes.

  • Personalised Printing

A Kraft paper box with windows supports many printing techniques. Some common printing options include offset, rotogravure, screen, and flexography printing. All these techniques are excellent for producing high-quality and eye-catching printing results.

Using these techniques, you can take the liberty to print images, graphics, and text of your preferences on your kraft boxes with windows. Printing the right graphics helps boost your product's appearance.

You can also print your brand elements like logo and tagline on these boxes to boost your brand. Adding QR codes that direct your customers to the website and social media of your brand is also a smart way to market your business.

  • Custom Add-ons

To enhance the functionality and elegance of your kraft boxes with windows, you can add personalised add-ons. Apart from windows, you can add handles, inserts and other embellishments to these packaging boxes.

Custom handles provide your customers with convenience in carrying your products. Inserts include dividers to keep your products organised, and foam inserts to hold your premium and fragile items in place.

Satin ribbons, shiny beads, and fascinating flowers are some common embellishments that you can add to a kraft box with window if you want to use it to pack gift products. 

  • Biodegradability & Compostability

Considering the exponential rise in environmental pollution, eco-friendly packaging has become a necessity for businesses. Kraft boxes with windows are 100% sustainable packaging options for your products.

These boxes are made of biodegradable kraft paper that decomposes leaving no carbon footprint behind. Also, these packaging boxes are compostable maintaining the nutrient cycle by providing necessary nutritious elements for plant growth.

The transparent sheet covering the die-cut windows on these boxes can also be made from biodegradable plastic making these packaging boxes 100% eco-friendly.

Where to Buy Custom Kraft Boxes With Window?

You can purchase custom kraft boxes with window from numerous suppliers. However, if you want to unlock endless customisation options for these packaging boxes, feel free to contact OXO Packaging. We offer you personalised packaging solutions with free shipping all over the UK.

Bottom Lines

A kraft paper box is a remarkable packaging solution for those who are looking for robust, eco-friendly and customisable packaging solutions. Die-cut windows add a cherry on the top when incorporated into these boxes.

A kraft box with window comes with a lot of features and some of them are discussed above. These features illustrate why you should opt for these amazing packaging boxes if you want to elevate your product and stand out from the competition.