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Explore How to Customise Kraft Gift Boxes for Special Events

2024-06-14 11:10:30

Custom Kraft Gift Boxes

For gift sellers, getting customised packaging boxes for gift items has become necessary. According to research:

The global gift boxes market size was around USD 2.1 billion in 2023.

This high market volume depicts that most people like to pack and give their gifts to their loved ones in enticing packaging boxes.

Kraft gift boxes are considered to be an excellent solution that helps pack and present your gifts adorably. If you have a gift-selling business, you should pay significant attention to the customisation of your packaging boxes. It can help you entice more buyers and grow your business, exponentially.

In this blog, we will discuss in detail the creative customisation options and unique styles of kraft boxes for gifts that can elevate your packaging game and boost your gift brand. Read on!

The Significance of Kraft Boxes for Gifts

Kraft boxes are exclusive packaging boxes that provide you with a lot of benefits. Their manufacturing material, i.e. kraft paper, is famous for its protective features and customisability. Also, kraft paper is a sustainable packaging solution that persuades eco-conscious buyers to purchase products packed in them.

Kraft gift boxes also save your budget as they provide you with an excellent packaging solution for your gifts without breaking the bank. You can also take the liberty to add astonishing embellishments to these boxes for your gifts to leave a lasting impression on your customers.

4 Captivating Styles of Gift Kraft Boxes

Many styles of kraft boxes are available in the market. Each style has its own unique features and distinctive benefits. Choosing the right design for your gift packaging boxes can play an important role in boosting the sales of your gift products. Here are 4 of the most common styles that you can consider for your kraft gift boxes:

  • Gable Boxes

Gable packaging boxes are popular for packing small treats and favours. Their gable-like shape makes them stand out from other types of gift boxes. Kraft gable boxes not only attract your customers with unique styles but also show your dedication to environment-friendly business practices.

These boxes come with a handle, making them easy to carry by your customers. You can also take the liberty to customise these gable boxes according to your preferences. Whether you want to add die-cut windows to them or print alluring graphics on these boxes, you get complete personalisation freedom.

  • Drawer Boxes

Drawer kraft boxes are also a popular option to consider when choosing the right packaging boxes for your gifts. It provides a unique unboxing experience to your customers that helps make them loyal to your brand.

These boxes come in two pieces: a sleeve and a tray. To open these boxes, your customers enjoy a unique experience when they slide the sleeve over the tray to take their gift out of the box. To add a touch of elegance to these boxes, you can embellish them with satin ribbons.

  • Shoulder-Neck boxes

To give your high-end gifts a luxurious appearance, pack them in shoulder-neck boxes. These boxes are mostly made with rigid stock. However, hard kraft paper also serves as an excellent material to make them.

Shoulder-neck boxes are three-piece packaging boxes comprising of a base, tray, and lid. Like drawer gift boxes, they also provide your customers with a unique unboxing experience. To make these boxes more enticing, you can print them with captivating graphics.

  • Pillow Boxes

Break with convention and opt for pillow boxes instead of traditional square, and rectangular packaging boxes. Pillow-shaped designs have earned good popularity in the packaging industry. Kraft pillow boxes can be used to pack many types of gifts.

You can embellish them with custom handles for added beauty. Also, wrap them with enticing gift papers to improve the overall presentation of your gift items.

3 Creative Ideas to Customise Kraft Packaging

Customisation can level up the appearance and functionality of your gift packaging boxes. It can give your boxes a unique identity that can impress your target buyers. Here are some creative ideas that you can consider to customise kraft box packaging for your gift products:

  • Adorable Printing

Printing is paramount when it comes to designing unique and personalised packaging solutions. For custom kraft gift boxes, you can choose from various printing techniques. Offset, screen, and rotogravure are included in some of the most popular options.

To make your gifts personalised for special occasions, you can add graphics that connect with the event. For instance, adding images of hearts and flowers on your gift boxes makes them the perfect packaging for Valentine’s Day gifts. 

  • Die-Cut Windows & Inserts

Die-cut windows enhance the visibility of products packed in the custom gift boxes. They provide your customers with a glimpse of gift products packed in them. These windows are mostly covered with a PVC sheet that allows you to showcase your gifts without compromising their safety.

Die-cut window designs can be customised according to the special events making them more memorable for the recipients. For instance, a heart-shaped die-cut window is a unique design that entices customers more on Valentine’s Day.

Apart from die-cut windows, you can also add foam inserts customised in unique shapes in your kraft gift boxes to make them more appealing.

  • Festive Tags, Stickers & Embellishments

If you want your custom boxes to connect with special occasions, you can paste festive tags and stickers on them. However, you should have alluring graphics and captivating designs on these tags and stickers. Paper stickers are considered to be an excellent option in this regard, as they are cost-effective and easily accessible.

For an additional touch of elegance, you can embellish your kraft gift boxes with alluring elements. For instance, attaching colourful ribbons, shiny beads, and fresh flowers can enhance the beauty of your gift boxes and fascinate your customers.


If you have a gift-selling business, customised gift packaging boxes are paramount to persuade your customers to buy your products. The above guide is all about the customisation of kraft boxes for your gift products. Consider these creative Kraft gift box ideas and styles to improve your packaging game in the gifting industry.

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