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Cardboard vs Kraft: A Short Guide for Food Brands

2024-06-20 13:12:22

Cardboard vs Kraft

Kraft and cardboard are both popular food packaging materials. They are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and highly attractive packaging solutions, especially for food products. You can use any of the two packaging materials to gain many advantages as a food business.

Put simply, kraft boxes have an edge over cardboard boxes in some of the features; whereas, cardboard boxes beat kraft boxes in some other features to make them equal or close to each other in value for food packaging. 

Read this blog to effectively decide which choice can be better for your food packaging.

6 Key Differences Between Kraft and Cardboard Boxes

Kraft food boxes and cardboard boxes offer unlimited benefits for food packaging choices. You can consider any of these two choices according to your requirements and the best fit for your products. Here, you will learn about the material's features, uses, and benefits to make your packaging decision strong and effective. 

Let’s explore the two popular materials and their comparatively best choice for your product packaging in this blog: 

  • Understanding the Materials

Talking about the features, uses, and benefits of kraft vs cardboard packaging materials, you should consider these materials from different perspectives. You can think of the durability of these materials to choose better product packaging. 

Kraft material is a sturdy, eco-friendly, and cost-effective packaging material. This material offers you a natural and organic look to your food-friendly packaging. You can prioritise this material over other choices for your food product packaging because of its eco-friendly properties.

Cardboard material is one of the best packaging material choices for many reasons. This material is sturdy, durable, and highly customisable. You can make it your choice for your food packaging due to the versatility of this material.

  • Exploring the Eco-Friendliness

Kraft and cardboard boxes are highly used for food packaging. Both of these two materials take an advantage over the other in multiple ways. Considering different aspects of your food packaging, kraft and cardboard boxes are great choices for your food packaging. You cannot easily take one of the two choices to supersede the other. 

You can prefer food kraft packaging due to the sustainability of kraft material. You can reduce your carbon footprint and get the attention of eco-conscious customers with your sustainable kraft takeaway boxes. This material is highly recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable.

On the other hand, cardboard packaging material makes your food packaging highly customer-convenient with flexibility in customisation and enhancing the user experience with customer-friendly packaging. You can make your food packaging reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable.

  • Comparing the Cost-Effectiveness

Cost-effectiveness is another attractive feature of packaging that can lead to deciding the food packaging for your products. You can make an effective decision after analysing and comparing this feature for the two packaging choices: kraft boxes and cardboard boxes.

Kraft box packaging is a comparatively more economical and cost-effective packaging solution. This material is taken from unbleached paper pulp with a wood-like appearance that makes this packaging attractive to prospects and customers. 

Cardboard boxes can make your packaging attention-grabbing and attractive with a limited and affordable range of your budget. You can make it your choice in this aspect. However, cardboard boxes have comparatively higher costs as compared to kraft packaging. 

  • Finding the Versatility

Kraft and cardboard boxes are highly-versatile packaging choices for your product and brand. Both of these two options can make your food packaging attractive with designs, shapes, and styles. 

For example, you can make your kraft boxes in many designs, shapes, and styles. This material offers multiple choices for your food packaging. You can make your food packaging according to the needs and requirements of your brand and products. However, you have limited customisation and styling options as compared to cardboard boxes.

If you are trying to make your product packaging highly attractive and persuasive, you cannot take cardboard boxes for granted. You can customise cardboard in any design, shape, or style. Using this material increases the choices for your food packaging.

  • Comparing the Customisability 

Customisability allows you to consider your brand and product presentation effectively. You can make your food packaging to make your customers recall your brand and products for future orders. For example, you can use your brand logo, image, product description, images, and other information on your custom kraft boxes. You can customise your food packaging in multiple ways.

Boxes made with kraft material can be highly effective, attractive, and charming due to the natural-looking texture, brown colour, and other nature-friendly features. You just need to print your brand logo, product image, and the styles and shapes of your food product packaging to make your packaging highly impressive. 

On the other hand, you can customise your cardboard boxes in whatever designs, shapes, and styles; interestingly, you can increase your brand presence, and your food product differentiation with your cardboard boxes. These boxes are a highly persuasive packaging solution when customised diligently and wisely to boost your brand image and positively affect your sales.

  • Overall Suitability for Food Packaging

Due to the highest sustainability features, kraft can be the best packaging solution for your food packaging. This packaging is durable, sturdy, and eco-friendly which make this packaging suitable for fast food packaging for takeaways, dine-in, and serving in restaurants and café. For presenting gifts at different events, you can consider kraft boxes on priority. 

Customisation can create your brand and product packaging a differentiation in the market. Cardboard is the best in customisation offerings. This is one of the best packaging solutions in food packaging. This allows you to maximise the brand appeal and food presentation to make an impressive effect on your customers. 


Kraft and cardboard are attractive, eco-friendly, durable, and reliable packaging materials. Both of these packaging materials can be used to package food items. If you still can’t decide which packaging to choose, you can contact us today to get the right packaging according to your specific needs.