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9 Tips to Choose Cardboard Material for Custom Packaging

2024-06-10 13:49:40

Cardboard Material

From protection to convenience, all is about packaging. The high work on packaging can give you the results your brand deserves. Cardboard serves an effective and useful role in crafting product packaging from many aspects. Make it a priority to expend more on your effective custom cardboard boxes to rise high in the market.

To make your product packaging work for your brand and boost your sales, you need to focus on the following 9 tips to choose the right material for custom packaging to make a distinction. Read this blog to get the most out of these words of importance to your business.

Focus on the Protection of Your Products

Protection is the first and foremost important product packaging feature for almost every industry and product itself. Presenting products in the packaging that can fulfil the basic and primary objective of protection. Considering and giving the top priority to the protection of product packaging, you should focus on using corrugated fiberboard packaging material.

Corrugated fiberboard gives high protection to your products. This material is highly in use in the packaging industry. This has two outer flat layers covering the corrugated layers according to your product protection requirements.

Think About Presentation of Your Brand

Thinking about presenting your products in the packaging that your prospects love to buy? If your answer is “Yes,” you should consider using the grey cardboard. It is a highly impressive material in look and style. You can use this material for your product packaging to maximise the user experience of your product packaging.

Grey cardboard is highly used in different industries. You can use this material to engage your potential customers without spending much of your resources. This packaging material provides you with attraction-grabbing and cost-efficiency features at the same time.

Keep Cost Efficiency in Mind

One of the basic factors that can attract more customers is the element of costs. You can find the highly appealing and attractive features of cost-efficiency and eco-friendly packaging material by using such packaging material that can suit your product packaging requirements from multiple sources.

These multi-factors like protecting your products from the surrounding harmful factors, during transportation, increase the strength of packaging that can handle the jerks during transit, and the cost element itself can be attained with the use of grey paperboard or grey cardboard. This material provides all these purposes effectively and efficiently.

Understand Your Target Audience

You can use the packaging material to attract more customers when you have diligently analysed your targeted audience, their likes, dislikes, and their behaviour about the packaging of their desired products. After this, you have a strong basis for deciding the effective packaging that can attract your prospects and increase the engagement of your product with packaging.

Paperboard you can use to package your lightweight items, grey paperboard, and grey cardboard materials for cost efficiency. To get the most from the high protection of your fragile or delicate items, you can use the single wall board, double wall board, or triple wall board depending on the need and requirements of your product’s protection.

Check the Convenience of Customers

Deciding upon the product and your brand identity, you should be conscious of the convenience provided by your customers. Convenience is one of the major factors that can attract your prospects to convert them to your customers and then become loyal. 

You can consider the packaging of your product after analysing different aspects of your customers, brand, and product packaging. You can provide your customers with convenience by adding different packaging features, like add-ons. These may be in the form of handles, loops, or die-cut. 

For example, if you run a cereal business, you can consider using paperboard to create boxes that win the attention of your customers. 

Transport Your Brand Products

Shipment and transportation of products require more protection in transit. You can make it happen according to the requirements of your products and the strength of your product packaging requirements; for example, you can use corrugated fiberboard material to increase the protection, or you can make double wall board material to increase the strength of your packaging for the increased protection of your product packaging.

During transportation, you can provide extra protection to your brand products with honeycomb cardboard material. Though this packaging is not commonly used these days, however, you can use it to increase the protection of your products. This material provides extra care by filling the extra space in your products against the jerks from which your product may get damaged. 

Brand Your Products

Packaging can help you in many ways. You can develop your product packaging to increase your brand awareness, promotion, or growth stages in whatever shape your brand is. Your customers see your products' packaging first. If they are convinced, they will buy your products and start their journey with your brand. 

Make your customers happy with your personalised packaging to enhance the user experience and make them feel pleased with your product packaging. This is possible with your branded, customised, and personalised packaging. This starts from the material selection to the final packaging for your products.

It’s better to try different cardboard packaging materials to choose the one that suits you most. If you run a large business, you can consider A/B Testing of your packaging options to pick the one that is most liked by your audiences. 

Enhance User Experience

Enhancing your customers' satisfaction may be helpful with creating and crafting custom packaging for your products that enable your customers to feel pleasure while opening your product packaging. You can use several embellishments along with printing, lamination, and finishing choices for your product packaging. 

Just think about opening a product packaging that starts looking at it from the outside that gives a satin impression, with a child lock; just before getting the product in front of your eyes, you can engage your customers with soft touch lamination, appealing coating, and with other embellishments. 

You should choose materials like grey cardboard that can help you create boxes that provide an amazing unboxing experience. 

Use Packaging as a Marketing Tool

Branding can make your product packaging a marketing tool for your brand. You can engage your potential customers, impress them, and convert them into your customers. The branding of your product packaging can win more loyal customers to your brands.

The customised packaging has the power to memorise the brand and the product. All this is possible with a strong brand appeal with greatly influential product packaging.

Corrugated cardboard is a great material that can help you create customised packaging. You can use it to create custom packaging that is fit for your marketing needs. 


Make your product packaging highly attractive, cost-effective, and impressive with many available packaging choices. Select the material that can meet your product packaging requirements, make them personalised, and use them as a marketing tool.